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About our Graphic design services

Graphic design ~ The art of expressing ideas with visual and textual content

Your corporate identity is vital – it’s an expression of your company values, culture and people.

At Little Fish Agency we get to know our clients, learn about their business, ask about their values, personality and their customers before we put “pen to paper”.



We are trained artists.
Your ideas + our expertise = quality product

Good CI shapes your brand

Sloppy designs date quickly and blemish your reputation

what do you need?

Our creative design services include:
Logo design, business cards, letterheads, email signatures, brochures,  signage, menu design

I need a logo for my new business

Great!  You’re at the right place.  We’ll help you set up your Corporate Identity – no matter how big or small.

I need a rebrand

Your logo is looking a little dated and you need help to refresh and bring it into the current century.

Some of our recent projects

Southern lights lamp co

Strategy, logo, posters, e-commerce website, business cards, thank you cards, invoice sheets, letterheads, email signatures

We needed to develop a corporate identity that reflected the ultra cool nature of the brand. It also needed to be a self contained logo so it could work in many formats like on packaging tape, illuminated signage and small price tags.

JJ Haven

Re-brand a local orphanage

A new logo, complete corporate ID, posters, new website and social media campaign has been developed.

The old JJHaven logo (left) was dated and needed to feel more positive and uplifting.  For the new logo (right) we kept the little balloon, added some colour and a more friendly font.  Our  photographer spent a day at the home and the new photos were used for advertising and the website.

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Whatever your marketing question, we can help! 

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