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About our marketing strategy services

Marketing Strategy ~ Your overall game plan to finding clients and selling. 

Each business is unique and needs a distinctive strategic marketing plan.
We provide insightful strategic services to maximise return on your investments.

Marketing without a strategy is like fishing without bait.


advantage over competitors

Don’t get lost in a sea of sameness

Focussed marketing

Ensure less waste by making your advertising budget work harder 

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i have a new business idea

Let us help you position your new business, define your target market and develop a unique strategy to get your new business off the ground!


Need to increase sales? Losing market share? A good marketing strategy will help define your marketing goals and make them deliverable.

Some of our recent projects

maison beach family chalet

Branding, strategy & Website development

The business challenge facing this small self catering chalet was that it only has one en suite bathroom. By strategically marketing the unit as a FAMILY holiday destination we ensured that only families were targeted, which also helped differentiate the brand from its several competitors in a very cluttered market.

kenton bakery

Branding & strategy

We wanted to portray the fun energy of a little bespoke bakery through each touchpoint. So a range of fun, elegant labels were named and designed. Creating a cohesive brand story throughout. A range of corporate clothing including aprons, hats and oven gloves were also designed and produced.

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