About our social media marketing services

Social Media Marketing ~ The use of social media platforms in order to promote and sell a product or service.

Whether managing your social media campaigns for you, or equipping you to do so, we can help you connect with your audience.

We live in a town with very limited media opportunities (no billboards, radio stations or printed publications). As a result, social media marketing has become vital as it is one of the few mediums available to our market.


Increase brand visibility

Connect with your customers and transform your brand. Make new friends, too

Targeted advertising

Reach your market with paid advertising. The ROI is unbeatable.

Drive traffic to your website

Having a website and not telling anyone is like hosting a party but not sending any invitations. We create complete campaigns which operate as a whole

what do you need?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. #wedoitall #LittleFishAgency

I need a facebook page

You’re ready to take your business to another level! Let us help you get your Facebook page started and ready for business!

Please manage my page

Your Facebook page is up and running but it’s so time consuming! We’ll manage your pages so you can manage your business.

Help me with targeted advertising

Let us assist on an ad-hoc basis by creating and managing your paid for campaigns.

Some of our recent social media success stories


Plug Music Agency

Brief: Create Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account.  Grow the audience and connect more people with the artists represented by Plug Music Agency.

Method: Keep page current and interesting. Share all publicity from all platforms online. When selling music we need to do it in an audible format – which is why all Plug Promotional images include a sound file of the band. Drive all traffic to web.

Result: Plug Music is thriving. The audience is growing daily and is currently on over 5 000 combined likes, including some of the most influential publications and music sites worldwide.

Route 72

Brief:  Take over existing Route 72 Facebook page and grow its following.

Method: Highlight interesting things to do, tips and photos that can be shared organically.

Result: Community has grown from just over 100 to under 600 in eight months. Route 72 has also been mentioned by Getaway, Country Life and other high profile accounts.

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