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Our process

At Little Fish Agency, we believe in casting a strategic net, reeling in powerful branding, and navigating the digital waters with finesse. Our process is like a well-planned fishing expedition, ensuring each step brings you closer to your goals.

1.  Strategy:  Plotting your course

Just as a seasoned angler studies the currents and weather patterns, we delve deep into understanding your business landscape. From defining your brand’s ethos to researching your target audience, our strategy phase lays the groundwork for success.

2. Branding:  Crafting your identity

Once the bait is set, it’s time to hook your audience with captivating visuals. Our branding experts work tirelessly to create a visual identity that resonates with your values and speaks to your audience, ensuring your brand stands out in the vast sea of sameness. 

3. Design:  Bringing your vision to life

With the blueprint in hand, our design team dives into the depths of creativity to bring your brand to life. From immersive websites to eye-catching advertisements, we craft experiences that captivate and engage your audience at every touchpoint.

4. Marketing:  Making waves and connections

A strategy to connect you with your audience and expand your reach. From social media campaigns to ambient media, we ensure your brand makes a splash.

Don’t tell me you want to build a bridge.
Tell me you’d like to cross the river.

Savannah South Safaris
Savannah South Safaris

Savannah South Safaris

October 2023 | Eastern Cape, South AfricaCopywriting, Website Design ABOUT THE PROJECT We had the pleasure of refreshing the online presence for a premier hunting safari company in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Our design transports visitors to Africa through...

Impact Radio
Impact Radio

Impact Radio

March 2023 | Pretoria, South AfricaWebsite DesignABOUT THE PROJECT A complete rebrand called for a new website! This fresh new design is packed with features.  Listeners can browse through the showtime line-up to see what's playing and when their favorite programs...

Plant Elixir
Plant Elixir

Plant Elixir

January 2023 | JohannesburgMarketing Strategy, Logo redesign, Photography, Social Media Marketing, Shopify E-commerce Website RedesignABOUT THE PROJECT Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow? Simple. Extract nature’s own nutrients which have been percolating in the...

Fluid Architects
Fluid Architects

Fluid Architects

November 2022 | Kenton on Sea, Eastern CapeStrategy, Copywriting, Web DesignABOUT THE PROJECT Fluid is based in the idyllic town of Kenton on Sea. They're the true definition of bespoke, custom architectural solutions, taking creativity and quality to the next...

Any fin is possible…

How lucky is Coastal Kindness to have Little Fish Agency on our team. You keep us up-to-date and on track! You offer a splendid service, which you deliver on time, in a highly professional manner and always with a smile. You always go above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Little Fish, you rock!

Coastal Kindness

We love working with pros like Little Fish! We’re super chuffed with our new branding. These guys are the real deal folks…Love their work!

Owner, The Bakery

Little Fish Agency has built our company website and my personal coaching website and I am in love with both. Their creative genius is found in the ability to connect with the essence of each client and their brand and bring that to life.

Tania Adams
Owner, Executive Coach and Founder of crAzy always wins!

Working with Little Fish Agency has been nothing but a pleasure! The end product was better than I ever could have imagined. They managed to answer all my questions quickly and professionally. They delivered a final product that I couldn’t be happier with. I’d highly recommend using Little Fish Agency.

Owner, Plug Music Agency

Creative, Responsive, Local. Had a good experience with this agency. Listens and adapts to local conditions. I have worked with many agencies around the world and they rank with them and even better. Keep it up guys!

Owner, Maison Beach

Little Fish agency you are amazing! Thank you from all at the Rotary club of Kenton on Sea! We needed to bring our Website out of the past and into the future and you did just that!

Dave Howard
Rotary Club of Kenton on Sea