Don’t tell me you want to build a bridge.  
Tell me you’d like to cross the river.

We provide creative solutions for marketing challenges.

Marketing Srategy

Your overall game plan to finding clients and selling. 

Each business is unique and needs a distinctive strategic marketing plan.
We provide insightful strategic services to maximise return on your investments.Marketing without a strategy is like fishing without bait.

  • Advantage over competitors
    Don’t get lost in a sea of sameness
  • Focussed marketing
    Ensure less waste by making your advertising budget work harder


The art of expressing ideas with visual and textual content.

Your corporate identity is vital – it’s an expression of your company values, culture and people.

At Little Fish Agency we get to know our clients, learn about their business, ask about their values, personality and their customers before we put “pen to paper”.

  • Experience
    We are trained artists.
    Your ideas + our expertise = quality product
  • Good CI shapes your brand
    Sloppy designs date quickly and blemish your reputation


Your online presence. 

Not only does a website give you credibility but it looks professional and helps customers find you through Google.  Use it to showcase your products, services, and reviews.  Leverage call to actions to gain leads and grow your audience.

At Little Fish we connect with the essence of each client and their brand and bring that to life in all our designs. We take the scary part of building a website and turn it into a fulfilling and rewarding experience!

  • Responsive websites
    All our websites render beautifully on all screen sizes
  • Secure (HTTPS)
    When you host with us, it includes a SSL certificate telling browsers your site is secure
  • Bespoke website design
    A unique design that reflects your business personality
  • Website maintenance
    We take care of all system and security updates


The art of taking photos for use of advertising.

The images of your product is what portrays your business. Professional photos are essential to depict what you’re selling.

  • Art direction
    Capturing the right images for your brand takes skill, not chance
  • Post production
    We choose the best photographs and enhance them – excellence is the game here!


The means of communicating a product or service via a medium such as print, radio, tv, digital, ambient etc.

We believe in creating advertising that is effective as well as remarkable and have over 20 years experience doing just that!

Running a business without advertising is like winking at someone in the dark.

  • Persuade
    Create an advertising campaign that is effective
  • Work that resonates with the market
    Always create work that is remarkable and worth remarking about


The use of social media platforms in order to promote and sell a product or service.

Whether managing your social media campaigns for you, or equipping you to do so, we can help you connect with your audience.

We live in a town with very limited media opportunities (no billboards, radio stations or printed publications). As a result, social media marketing has become vital as it is one of the few mediums available to our marke

  • Increase brand visibilty
    Connect with your customers and transform your brand. Make new friends, too
  • Advertising
    Reach your market with paid advertising. The ROI is unbeatable.
  • Drive traffic to your website
    Having a website and not telling anyone is like hosting a party but not sending any invitations. We create complete campaigns which operate as a whole


The act of sending a commercial email message through a bulk email system to a list of users who have subscribed to your email database.

With over 2.6 billion users, email is still the most widely used channel in the world.

When people subscribe to your email newsletter, it’s because they want to hear from you. You can use email marketing to connect with them, build relationships and loyalty.

  • Build credibility
    People like to do business with brands they trust. Don’t you? Stay in touch and build brand loyalty through regular communication
  • Affordable
    Offers great return on investment
  • Measurable
    Reporting allows you to track each open and each click, helping you learn what works and what doesn’t